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Men's watch box

As we know, most collectors are men, and they're often enthusiasts, very demanding when it comes to their watch collections.

That's why our selection of men's watch boxes offers products perfectly designed for men. You'll often find very noble materials, such as solid wood or carbon. But it's not just the composition that makes these boxes special: they also have a practical, functional design for gentlemen.

Effectivement, même si certaines boîtes à montres restent « classiques », d’autres offrent des rangements extrêmement intéressants. Nous pensons notamment aux différents espaces de stockage pour les boutons de manchette, bijoux, et autres types d’accessoires…

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Women's watch box

More distinguished and refined ladies' watch boxes are designed for particularly meticulous women.

The materials used are more leather or solid wood, often with luxurious silver or gold finishes. These watch boxes often feature a variety of storage compartments for accessories. These include slots for rings and bracelets, hooks for necklaces and pendants, and storage pockets for other jewelry...

Women's watch boxes are perfect for keeping your watches, and even your jewelry, safe. The inner lining is often made of felt, velvet or flannel. These are soft, comfortable materials, perfect for the safety of all your accessories.

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